1. Infection of bone that results in inflammation, necrosis, and formation of new bone
  2. Can be Hematogenous (blood borne infection), Contiguous focus (Contamination from bone surgery, open fracture, or trauma) or Osteomyelitis with vascular insufficiency (Patients with diabetes or vascular disease, most common in feet)
  3. High Risk: Elderly, poorly nourished or obese, immunocompromised w/ chronic illness, those receiving long term corticosteroid therapy, IV drug users
  4. Clinical Manifestations: Area becomes tender, swollen, warm, painful.  May describe constant, pulsating pain.
  5. PREVENTION IS THE GOAL. Treatment is often difficult because drug penetration of the infection is difficult due to low vascularization of the bone. Infection often  requires long-term antibiotics (3-6 weeks).

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