Nursing 420

As we begin this semester, I cannot even believe we are within months of graduating nursing school!   It amazes me to reflect over the past 2.5 years and think about how much each one of us has learned.  This semester I am very excited to get back into the hospital.  I am a little nervous to be taking on the nurses’ patient loads after being out of the setting for over a year.  Although I have some worries, I am confident that I will feel much better after the first week.  I am excited to take care of more critical patients and see everything come together that we have learned during the program.  Last semester I observed one day in the ICU and it was very intimidating.  I hope that after this semester I feel much more competent discussing ICU patients and feel more comfortable with multiple  IV lines, drips, ventilators, and end of life discussions with families.  I am excited and eager to finish our last semester!

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